Do I need to water my lawn in Bryan, College Station during the Winter Months? Winter Lawn Care Tips

This is a question we get quite often from our customers in the Bryan, College Station area. We wanted to share some information, regarding watering your lawn during the winter months. Watering in winter is as important as mowing your lawn in the spring.

The grass is dormant, but the roots are growing slightly during the winter months. Some water is a good thing to ensure a healthy return when the spring rolls around. Normally we have enough rain in the central Texas to see us through, so we do not need to worry too much about watering the lawn. But if it doesn’t rain during the winter months, watering then depends on few facts, we will then check and see if our soil has moisture. Heavy clay soil holds water much longer than sandy soil. The best thing you can do is to stick a spade down a few inches into your lawn to see if there’s any moisture.  If your suspect things are really day – just simply water once a month! that should provide enough moisture to your lawn.

Here are few more winter care Tips for your Lawn :

  • Fertilize – Applied in the late Fall or early Winter – before the first freeze, giving your lawn a thorough fertilizing will help replace the nutrients that your soil might have lost during the hot summer months.
  • Mowing Strategies – For St. Augustine lawns, leaving the mowing height the same year round will help insulate its shallow root structure during cold temperatures.  For other varieties, gradually lowering your lawn mower’s cutting base prepares your grass for a shorter winter height.
  • Keep Your Lawn Clean – When no one goes outside during cold weather, it’s easy for items to be left on the lawn during the long, cold winter. Rake away dead leaves to avoid wet spots that can become mossy and moldy.
  • Avoid Excessive Lawn Traffic – Try to prevent foot traffic on your winter lawn. Dormant grass, with its brown color and short height, makes it easy for people to forget that it shouldn’t be walked on. Never allow anyone to park a trailer or vehicle on the grass. Even the smallest tires will leave impressions in the soil and kill off the grass underneath, making room for crabgrass and other types of weeds.While grass is resilient during the growing months, it will have a difficult time recovering if a path becomes well worn across the lawn during the winter.
  •  Water As Needed – It’s easy to forget that your lawn needs moisture year round. Dormant grass doesn’t remind you to water like it does during the growing seasons. So monitor weather conditions and check your lawn with a moisture meter, at the root level, to tell you when it’s time to water Winter is also a great time to make additions to your lawn like: Flower Beds Raised Beds For Gardening Pathways Patios And Outdoor Lighting Improvements



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