How much should you water your lawn in The Bryan, College Station? This Summer

Hello! Bryan, College Station welcome to another helpful tip by Tree To Tree Landscapes. We have gotten this question quite often from our 100+ clients “How much do I water my Lawn”. We touched on this topic in the past (Watering Your Lawn During Winter), we thought we will talk about watering again but this time about the heat, since the temperatures are getting into +100* and with all the rise in heat it is even more important to water your lawn properly.

Lets get to it, so you are wondering ” How long do you run your sprinkler system to keep your lawn healthy and green”

20 Minutes, Half an hour or an hour ( hmmm an hour feels too long)? If you are lost, do not worry you are not alone 90% of the home owners are with you.

We will not go into the science of it all, All you have to do it go to and answer few basic questions regarding your property and it will give you a pretty good idea of what to do!  The website is a collaboration between the North Texas Municipal Water District and the Texas A&M University AgriLife Extension Service. It uses a well-tested system to made a determination as to how long your sprinkler should run to get the required amount of water on your lawn at any given week. The tool will give you irrigation recommendations for all the warm season grasses such at the most common St.Augustine, Bermuda, Zoysia and even Buffalo.

The tool collect bunch of data to determine how much water is needed in a said week, along with some rain gauges, the stations collect information on rainfall, temperature, wind, humidity and solar radiation (amount of sunlight) for seven days. Those are matched against the evapotranspiration rate, or ET, Fipps explains. ET is the amount of water plants need to grow.

You should select the type of sprinkler system you use, based on the system you use the site can provide you a basic plan. If you would like to receive alerts, the tool can actually do that. The tool can send you email/text alerts each week.


Note: We have also created a PDF for our clients – on this you find some basic tips regarding watering your lawn. Feel free to use this as a guide as well.

Watering Guidelines PDF


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