How to protect plants during a Freeze in Bryan, College Station


Its Dec 31st , just as we get ready to ring in the new year , winter finally decides to say hello to the Brazos county. Temperatures are expected to dip down into the low 20’s. Cold weather like this can cause problems for your plants, leading the die out in your flowerbeds.

Doing these few things can increase the chances of survival of your plants.

1. Water – Yes water right before the freeze. Moist soil insulates the roots and it is a good heat sink.  Lightly watering in the evening time just before the temperature drops will help you raise the humidity and reduce possible frost damage. Wet soil holds more heat and give me plants higher chance of survival.

2. Mulch – Having a good layer of mulch around your plants 2”-3” inch’s helps the soil keep good temperature.

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